Frequently asked questions

I'm often asked great questions, so I've compiled some of them here to help you out as you look forward to your wedding or session with me.    

How much do you charge?

What is your wedding/event pricing?
That is a simple but varied answer.  Simply put it depends on what we're doing.  A wedding that is 4 hours away with overnight expenses is different than an elopment 2 blocks from the studio.  Pricing starts at 855 for weddings and moves up from there as we ad on features, products and hours.  Please contact me and let talk about your wedding because it is special and unique and deserves attention on its own.

What about portrait sessions?
Senior sessions, maternity, family pictures (up to 5 people), single and couples portraits all start at 249 for a 1 hr session with 20 medium resolution digital images or 449 for 1.5 hr with 45 images. Both with print release for up to 5x7 self printing, custom post session reveal and ordering consultation and an online gallery. I offer all size heirloom prints, wall art and albums a la carte depending on your needs.

Do you work with a second photographer?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  It all depends on the specifics and complexity of your day whether or not I reccomend having a second photographer there.  I only work with high quality professional photographers with my clients.  I have several go-to photographers that I work with who I know I can trust my clients needs with and who will capture just what I would want them to.  

Do you edit my pictures?

Yes, I do!  Each and every one!  I start by going through the images we made together.  Pictures with closed eyes, mid-sentence mouths, double shots of the same thing, etc all get tossed and I pick out the best of the best images.  Each one is hand edited by yours truly to correct any white balance or color issues, horizons are straightened, focus checked.  Sometimes a few special shots will receive special attention if I would like to do something artistic or go from color to black and white etc.  I strive to make each image look the best as it was in reality.  Because of this I don't generally do much "photoshopping"; no silicone barbie dolls around here.  Each person is beautiful just as they are and I value that immensely.  I want my clients to remember that special moment just as it felt then.  

Do you offer prints or anyhting?

You bet!  I believe that digital pictures are great but an image comes alive in print!  I offer archival quality prints, canvases and albums specifically designed for you.  Think about where technology was 15 years ago...thats right 3 1/2" floppy disks...How many of us still even have the abilty to view those disks?!  Even the best of scrapbooking intentions fall by the wayside as life happens and time gets away from us.  I really encourage my clients to purchase physical canvases or an album or prints from their session so that it will always be there.  I offer heirloom quality, professinaly designed prints and products for you at very affordeable pricing.  Imagine your children showing their children pictures off their iphone from 20 years ago.  Now imagine them sitting with them looking through your wedding album or the album from their senior photos.  Its  a very different story!  

How do i get my pictures?  How long does it take?

All of my events and sessions are provided in an online gallery.   Easy peasy and even shareable on social media!  Generally weddings are ready for you to view in about a month.  Family sessions in about a week.  Fully edited, ready to go.  As soon as they are ready we will have a personalized reveal and ordering consultation in studio for you to choose the images you want to keep and to order those prized heirloom prints, wall art and albums.

Can you hold my wedding date for me?  

Sorry, but dates are on a first come first served basis.  In order to book your date a retainer of $500 is due.  Once we have the retainer and contract in place the date is yours.  I only photograph one wedding a day.  Anyone else requesting your date is turned away as such this retainer is non refunable should you decide to cancel or reschedule.  The remaining balance is due 3 weeks before your event.  

Can I share on Facebook?

Of course!  I love it when my clients share my work on social media!  I do ask that you not change the image in any way and please tag Platz Photography in them!  (It makes my heart sore when one of my images becomes your profile pic!)

If we're running late can you stay later?

You bet!  I do have an overtime rate and it goes into effect only with your approval and permission.  Things happen and I'm happy to accommodate.  

What about Pinterest?

I love Pinterest!  I am a pinning machine- you should see my kids' birthday parties!  I love it when you share your boards with me.  It helps give me an idea of the things that you like.  That being said I don't shoot off of a board or list.  Many of the photos are staged and styled and not physically possible during the hustle and bustle of a wedding day or other event. Plus they are someone else's work!  It's like I tell my 5 yr old, its not nice to copy cat.   But I am happy to create pictures inspired by your Pinterest board but we'll make them unique to you!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send a message. I aim to reply within 24 hours.
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